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Charles E. Petrie's System of Personal Identification

Charles E. Petrie founded this system of manufacturing identification jewelry in 1950 and in spite of all the changing trends throughout the years, his identification tags are still in demand.

When he first started out, he worked with officials of state Civil Defense agencies involved in developing safety programs where he promoted his identification tags designed for Civil Defense awareness. Mr. Petrie told some of his employees that his identification tags were used in a demonstration of the atom bomb in Nevada. He said that test dummies wearing these identification tags were placed in various seats on a bus and even after the devastation of the bomb, these identification tags were still legible and in good condition.

About Charles E. Petrie:

In the early years, orders for his identification tags came mainly from individuals, as well as some convalescent homes, and V.A. hospitals. It wasn’t until he got the idea from his dear friend Harriet Hunter to contact the presidents of the Parent Teachers Associations, that his company became known nationally and really blossomed. Word spread like wildfire among the school fundraiser committees about his identification tags. Not only was it a worthy product of excellent quality, but inexpensive as well, with no door to door selling involved. Parents everywhere felt a sigh of relief to know their children were wearing I.D. tags that displayed immediate information in case of loss or injury. Mr. Petrie was quite a character with many idiosyncrasies but he possessed a lot of integrity and prided himself in the excellence of his product and his first-rate service. He was an intellegent, articulate man who found a way to provide people with a worthwhile product that could be life saving. He was very proud of his identification tags and the company he built and when he passed away in 1982, he left the business to be carried on by some of his employees.

We have purchased the assets from Chas. E. Petrie Co., Inc. and we promise to do our best to continue in the same tradition as Mr. Petrie, by providing an inexpensive, high-quality product with satisfaction guaranteed!

The Staff of Identification Specialists, LLC