America's Finest Quality Idents is an excellent fundraiser for schools or organizations with enrollments of 200 or more.

The School-Idents Program is an easy way to make money for your school or organization, without having to sell door to door! Our ID tags and jewelry are durable enough to last for years, they can even last through kids' normal wear and tear! ID jewelry is essential for children's safety, just in case they get lost or have a medical condition, identification is what will help the people around them know where they live or what medical conditions they suffer from.

Our identification jewelry is offered at the lowest prices to schools and organizations!

Our products are made of highly polished, stainless steel that is built to last! We offer ID Bracelets, ID necklaces, ID dog tags, ID key tags, ID shoe tags, and Special ID key tags just for the World's Greatest Granparents or Parents. Our ID jewelry is designed for immediate identification information in case of emergency.

Thousands of schools have been using this school as a fundraiser because it is a simple and practical program. It can be easily handled without disrupting classes. The School-Idents Program is accepted and endorsed by most parents and P.T.A.

Chas. E. Petrie Co., Inc. has been serving schools for many years making the program dependable and easy to use. Identification Specialists, LLC has purchased the assets from Chas. E. Petrie Co., Inc. and will continue providing this worthy service to schools in the same tradition. All of our identification tags consist of up to 5 lines of personalized information; and most items allow up to 19 characters per line!

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Only schools and other organizations get these identification tags for wholesale cost, which is a considerable disount!

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Or call us at 503-982-0757, you can also fax us at 503-981-3038.